Alberta License Plate Renewal

License Plate Renewal

You can renew or register a license plate at any one of our three registry locations. Our friendly staff can have your license renewed on the spot.

NOTE: Operating a vehicle without valid registration is illegal.

License Plate Renewals can be processed either in person at our office, or by mail. The cost of renewal is the same for both methods of renewal.

Renew In Person

If coming in person please confirm our office hours prior to coming in. To avoid lineups plan to come at a time other than the beginning or end of the month.

In order to renew your vehicle registration in person you will need the following:

* A valid insurance pink card which is proof of insurance.
* Payment must be made by cheque, debit card, or cash. (Credit card payments are only accepted for online transactions)

Renew By Mail

If there are any changes such as address change, vehicle change, or license plate class change, the renewal may not be done by mail.
If mailing your renewal we must receive your documents a minimum of 10 business prior to the end of the renewal month to insure that your tabs to arrive before the end of the expiry month. The insurance disclosure on the back of the renewal document must be completed or the renewal will not be processed and will not be returned.

You can mail your renewal documents to us along with a personal cheque for the full amount as stated on the renewal document made payable to Norsen Management Inc.

Mail To:
License Plate Renewals
Norsen Management Inc.
12818-82 Street
Edmonton,AB. T5E 2T2

License Plate Renewals For Private Passenger Vehicles
Private passenger license plates in Alberta are normally renewed for a 12 month period. You will receive a renewal notice from Alberta Registries via Canada Post approximately 4 to 6 weeks prior to your expiry date. Bring your renewal notice to our office for processing and you will receive the new plate sticker at that time. If you have lost the renewal notice we are still able to renew your license plates in person only.
Private passenger vehicles may be renewed for up to 30 months at your option in person only. The cost will vary accordingly.

Commercial Plate Renewals
Commercial vehicle license plates in Alberta are only issued for a maximum 12 month period.
Fees vary by weight and the class of vehicle. The fees will be listed on your renewal notice.


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